12 Facebook Engagement Tips For Your Business

be smart.

12 Facebook Engagement Tips For Your Business

 1. Know your audience.

When you post interesting content that is inline with your fans’ interests (beyond your products) they will come back again and again…AND tell their friends.

 2. Don’t rush the relationship.

Get to know your fans and allow then to get to know you.  When they know, like and trust you, the sale, bookings and team members follow.

 3. When asking questions of your fans, make them simple and easy to answer.

Use one word or short answer questions to get your followers accustomed to engaging on your posts.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with various topics.

 4. Use interesting, eye catching images.

Currently text posts are getting a higher “reach” but images get more engagement.  People are more apt to comment, like and share images.  You want to have a combination of text posts, images, shares from other pages, contests.  Pay attention to what YOUR fans respond to.

 5. Share bits of your life and “behind the scenes” images.

A GREAT way to invite your fans into your life and business is by sharing posts and images about the “other” side of business or life.  Some ideas might be an image of your new puppy laying on your company catalogs, little hands placing stickers on your product, a bird’s eye view of your messy desk.

 6. Respond to EVERY comment made on your page with either a response or a “like” letting your fans know you are attentive to them.

You would never consider ignoring a guest at one of your parties, yet so many fan pages have questions that go unanswered and ignored.  When you respond, continue the engagement by asking yet another question.

 7. Don’t be afraid to be silly and have FUN.

People get on Facebook for many reasons, one being a way to unwind, relax, catch up with friends and to have some fun.  Make your page less about what you are going to sell and more about the relationships you can build and the fun you can bring.

 8. Be authentic…be YOU.

Let the writing on your page sound like you.  Allow your personality to shine through.  Yes, you represent your company, but you also want to differentiate yourself from other consultants in your industry.  Be REMARKABLE!

 9. Post Consistently.

Your followers will appreciate a page that updates on a consistent basis and doesn’t fall off the map for a week at a time or over post with 10 posts in one day.  Start off with  2 posts a day and once you can consistently do them for 4-5 days a week work up to having more.  Be sure to post at varying times of day so you can begin to get an idea when your followers are online.

 10. Use calls to action.

Use words such as Comment, click, share and like to let your followers know what action you want them to take.

 11. When posting a link, add it to the comments.

Currently Facebook is not giving much exposure to posts that include a link.  You may have seen posts that mention a link that can be clicked from the comments section.  This is a strategy to get clicks into your post in order to view the link you are talking about.  This can be done with links to a website, blog post, YouTube video, etc…  Try it and see what kind of results you get.  Make sure the wording in your post makes your followers interested in clicking.

 12. Don’t give up!

Things are constantly changing in Facebook.  If something you are trying is not working, don’t throw in your hat, try something different or seek out Directly Successful on Facebook for more ideas and strategies.



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