Why are my Facebook text images blurry?

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Why are my Facebook text images blurry?

crisp text images on facebook

You know what I’m talking about –  that blur you see around the text on many images you see on Facebook.

There is nothing more annoying than to spend the time making a crisp custom image only to have Facebook compress the life out of it and leave it looking like a blurry mess. Let me help you understand what is happening and give you a trick to help keep your images looking spiffy.

First, let me help you understand WHY it is happening and then let me show you how to avoid the problem.

Facebook compresses all images for very legitimate reasons:

  • to make the site run faster  – can you imagine waiting around for all those images in your newsfeed to open?!
  • to save bandwidth and storage space

If your image is under 99kb Facebook should leave it alone.

Here are two solutions you can try to make sure your images are crisp:

1. Compress your image to less than 99kb

If you want to compress your image BEFORE you upload you can use Image Optimizer.  It is a free tool that will reduce, resize and optimize your images.

Have you ever tried emailing images and they just won’t go because they are too big?  Image Optimizer is your solution.

2. Use PNG rather than JPEG

Facebook won’t mess with your image if it is in PNG format. PNG must be like Facebook’s kryptonite.

If you are using one of the popular free image editors like Picmonkey or Canva you have the option to save your image in either jpeg or png format.  Simply choose png and save to your computer as usual.

If you are using CinchShare to schedule your social media posts and to manage your Facebook groups {isn’t everyone?}, their integration with Canva automatically saves the image as a PNG!  Just one more thing to love about CinchShare!


how to save image as png


Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 9.21.56 AM

There you have it!  Using text and your logo to watermark and brand your images is a great idea.

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